BridgeInteract Patient Engagement Platform

Successfully engage your patient population with a single versatile platform.

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Empower Patients And Providers With User-Friendly Technology

In an industry where the term “patient engagement” is used to define everything from simple, piecemealed patient communication solutions to antiquated patient portals, The BridgeInteract Patient Engagement Platform is setting a new standard for patient engagement software companies. Offering a single, mobile-ready patient engagement solution for secure SMS text/email/push notifications, self-scheduling, medical record access, patient-provider messaging, and bill pay. BridgeInteract is available as a client-branded web application as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android. With Bridge’s fully-documented free API, customers can easily develop their own interfaces, add-on features, and run advanced reports. Bridge ensures its alignment with customers’ goals toward a highly engaged patient population by offering month-to-month contracting with scaled pricing, based on actual patient registration.

Consolidate Fragmented Patient Engagement Software

Deliver a better patient experience while saving money. Bridge helps healthcare organizations streamline business and improve engagement by providing an all-in-one platform capable of displacing “one-off” patient engagement solutions. The use of several, individual solutions for tasks like bill pay, self-scheduling, appointment reminders, and recall messaging is expensive to maintain and can breach patient communication preferences since these systems are unconnected. By consolidating solutions, Bridge solves these common problems:

  • High licensing costs for multiple patient engagement systems
  • Patients have to manage multiple logins for different patient portals, bill pay solutions, etc.
  • Problems with patient registration and username/password resets
  • No single “opt-in” registry for communication across multiple systems, independently sending out emails and SMS texts to patients
  • High cost and effort to manage multiple interfaces or no interface being used at all
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Flexible Options To Get Started

The BridgeInteract Patient Engagement Platform – a suite of digital tools for patients.

BridgeInteract includes the following modules:

  • Bridge Portal
  • Bridge Pay
  • Bridge Scheduling
  • Bridge Virtual Care
  • Bridge Communication
  • Bridge Mobile
  • Bridge Intake
  • Bridge Tasking
  • Bridge Interface

A Smarter Way To Engage Patients

BridgeInteract is completely customizable and can seamlessly connect with multiple interfaces simultaneously, such as your EHR, RCM, PM & CRM systems. The platform operates natively on any device, including mobile, and offers a wide range of functionality, including:

Best Practices For Better Patient Engagement

Successfully engaging patients requires a thoughtful strategy and the right technology. Leverage BridgeInteract’s robust feature set to enable the best practices to reach your patient engagement goals.

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