Patient Intake Solution

Bridge Intake

A next-generation patient intake solution for speedier workflows, shorter wait times, and happier patients.

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Ensure A Seamless And Intuitive Start To The Care Journey

Intake is often the first touch point that patients have with a healthcare organization, and it plays a vital role in operational, financial, and clinical success. Deliver a convenient and high-quality intake experience that sets the tone for future encounters.

Send forms to patients before an appointment and collect key information in a single step. From demographic and clinical data to consent forms, insurance, and payment information, patients can conveniently fill out all required forms online and avoid extra time in the waiting room. Bridge Intake can be accessed through the patient portal, a client-branded mobile app, or an SMS text invitation sent before a visit.

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Get More Out Of Your Patient Intake Software

  • Increase Productivity And Data Accuracy
  • Ease workflow bottlenecks by reducing time spent collecting patient balances, scanning forms, decoding handwritten data, or calling insurance providers to verify coverage.

  • See Your Patient Visits At A Glance
  • Using our dashboard, you can easily see all the details of your patient visits for a big-picture view, group visit types, and filter for specific criteria, such as department, appointment date, insurance eligibility, or registration status to quickly find what you need and update your records across your organizations.

  • Improve Patient Convenience And Retention
  • Allow patients to fill out forms wherever they want 24/7 and auto-populate fields with previously collected information.

  • Enable Real-Time Data Integration With Your EHR Or PM
  • Post payments, retrieve balance due amounts, and calculate copays in real time to streamline patient payments. Collect PCI-compliant open balance and copay payments.

  • Offer A Virtual Waiting Room
  • Give patients the option to save time with a virtual waiting room that can provide educational materials and company updates.

  • Leverage Intake Analytics
  • Optimize your intake processes by assessing check-in volume, device usage, visit metrics, and other factors to improve workflows.

  • Send Forms On Demand
  • Easily send patients any form, any time, in seconds from your EHR/PM user interface with Bridge’s Forms On Demand feature. Perfect for sending forms to patients when on the phone, during a walk-in appointment or to handle one-off forms for non-standard situations.

Key Features

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Usable With Any Device

Mobile-ready and accessible on the web or in-office via tablets and kiosks.

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Telehealth Enabled

Patients can check in and join telehealth appointments automatically through a link provided at the end of the intake process.

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Insurance Verification

Automate eligibility verification in real-time and allow staff to easily access copay, deductible, and coinsurance information.

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Consent Forms

Capture financial, privacy, and clinical policies digitally with an e-signature and automate the process to prompt patients to sign at designated time intervals.

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Safe & Secure Payments Functionality

Flexible card processing and online patient payment options for paying copays and balances.

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Customization & Flexible Forms

Clients can create custom forms using an easy drag-and-drop interface based on patient factors like appointment type, medical history, or age.

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Bidirectional Integration & Discrete Data Capture

Sync with your EHR or PM solutions and allow demographic and clinical data already in your systems to pre-populate for patients during the intake process, while also allowing updates and new information to flow back into your systems discretely or as a PDF attachment.

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The BridgeInteract Patient Engagement Platform

The BridgeInteract platform offers a single solution to overcome the challenges of disparate systems and processes. As part of a comprehensive patient engagement platform with robust functionality, BridgeInteract allows you to deliver convenience and flexibility throughout the care journey that your patients want and expect. Bridge Intake is one of the multiple modules which make up the BridgeInteract Patient Engagement Platform – a suite of digital tools for patients. Bridge Intake can be purchased as a standalone module or along with other BridgeInteract modules. BridgeInteract includes the following modules: