Your complete patient engagement platform
Bridge the gap between patient expectations and provider operations

Bridge The Gap Between Patient Expectations And Provider Operations

Patients want modern tools that allow for greater control over their health. BridgeInteract unifies the digital care journey under a single platform and empowers patients to take a more active role in their care.

Thoughtfully Engage Patients

Bring empathy back to healthcare and engage patients where they are most reachable on their mobile device. BridgeInteract makes it easy to automate the patient journey with thoughtful touches that truly engage them and help them take steps to better health.

A truly patient-centered experience
A truly patient-centered experience

Automate the patient journey

Improve Clinical, Operational, And Financial Performance

Unify: Connect Multiple EHR/PM Solutions

BridgeInteract's advanced interface capabilities open up new opportunities for patient engagement through a single technology with just one login. Seamlessly integrate your organization.

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Consolidate: Complete Patient Engagement Platform

Bridge enables providers to eliminate fragmented patient-facing tools, which are expensive to maintain, difficult to manage, and create a disjointed experience for patients. Engage patients across their entire health journey from booking an appointment and undergoing the intake process to completing their virtual visit using one mobile-enabled platform.

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Mobilize: Unlock The Digital Front Door

Meet the patient where they are most reachable on their mobile device. Improved patient access with biometric (fingerprint and face recognition) login. Improved patient acquisition and retention with a client-branded mobile app (digital front door). Achieve an enhanced patient experience and overall engagement.

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Automate: Build A Better Business

Reduce staffing needs through the automation of common tasks such as intake, registration, scheduling, and forms. Increase revenue through thoughtful engagement, and automated patient payments. Improve patient and business outcomes through increased patient engagement.

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Maximize Your Business Results & Reduce Bottlenecks



In potential savings per month on licensing fees from consolidating solutions

cross platform solution
A cross-platform solution that consolidates all interactions with your customers into one.
Flexible pricing
Flexible pricing allows our product to adapt to your organization’s needs, start simple and grow with Bridge.
An average patient engagement increase
An average patient engagement increase of 50% over an 18-month period with scheduling, online bill payments, forms, and intake automation.

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