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Bridge Virtual Care

A fully automated telehealth solution for greater efficiency and seamless virtual visits.

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A Better Way To Do Virtual Visits

Bridge Virtual Care is an all-in-one telehealth solution for healthcare providers to either operate a virtual-first/virtual-only practice or a hybrid model, quickly switching between in-office and virtual visits. The foundational concept behind Bridge Virtual Care is that patient visits that are online should be treated the same as an in-office visit, taking patients through the same digital check-in process, no matter how the visit is conducted. Integrations with your EHR, PM, and RCM systems help you develop automated, custom telehealth workflows across the care journey for greater efficiency.

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Bridge Virtual Care Features

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Custom Workflows Prioritize Virtual Visits

Bridge supports custom workflows for healthcare providers that prioritize virtual visits as well as providers seeking to increase their use of telehealth.

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Fully Integrated

Bridge Virtual Care can leverage all of Bridge’s modules to provide a seamless virtual experience for your patients.

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Online Forms

Patients can save time by completing required forms for their telehealth encounter before their visit as part of an automated workflow.

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Third Party Access

Make sure that everyone who needs to attend can participate. Patients can include their caregiver in the virtual visit session, and providers can invite third parties such as interpreters or other staff/providers.

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Live Chat

Staff and providers can chat with the patient before opening the virtual visit session to troubleshoot technical issues or update patients about delays.

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Mobile Telehealth

The BridgeInteract platform and Bridge Virtual Care are mobile responsive, allowing patients to complete the entire virtual visit workflow from their mobile device.

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How It Works

Learn just one of the many workflows for completing a virtual visit. In this example, see how a complete virtual visit workflow works with Bridge Scheduling, Bridge Intake, and Bridge Virtual Care.

  1. Patients can self-schedule a virtual visit with Bridge Scheduling by selecting the provider, date, and type of appointment in the Bridge Portal.
  2. Before the appointment, the patient receives a notification to begin the intake/check-in process.
  3. Patients complete the intake process by confirming and updating their pertinent information, in addition to completing any required consent forms, screeners, and agreements.
  4. Patients pay their copay based on real-time eligibility checks.
  5. Patients are automatically sent to the virtual session upon completion and can chat with staff for assistance during any of these steps.
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The BridgeInteract Patient Engagement Platform

Bridge Virtual Care is one of the multiple modules which make up the BridgeInteract Patient Engagement Platform – a suite of digital tools for patients. BridgeInteract includes the following modules: