Healthcare Task Management

Bridge Tasking

Increase patient satisfaction, process patient engagement tasks faster, distribute effort, and improve data accuracy.

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Maximize Patient Satisfaction And Engagement

Consolidate patient requests and portal tasks into a single software solution with Bridge Tasking, then distribute these tasks to your workforce. Patient engagement tasks are automatically created based on custom criteria and through events from Bridge’s patient engagement platform. Automatically prioritize, assign, and reassign tasks to staff or caregivers based on custom factors and unique workflows. Similar to a support ticket system, Bridge Tasking is the perfect way to increase business efficiency and offer patients a better experience.

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An Intelligent Tasking Solution For The Future Of Healthcare

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Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Enable faster turnaround times and better task management. Create tasks, link them to records, and track approaching due dates. Automatically assign tasks to clinicians and staff or outsource them.

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Decrease Errors & Improve Data Quality

Ensure data sent to your source systems is accurate. With our advanced ticketing system, you can triage patient forms before the data is sent to your EHR/PM/RCM/LIS.

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The BridgeInteract Patient Engagement Platform

Bridge Tasking is one of multiple modules which make up the BridgeInteract Patient Engagement Platform – a suite of digital tools for patients. BridgeInteract includes the following modules: