Patient Portal Proxy Access For Better Care & Privacy

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Empower Care Partners To Do More And Respect Important Patient Privacy Requirements With A Smarter Caregiver/Family Access Portal Solution.

Simplify patient portal proxy access. Enable caregivers to securely access a patient portal account using their own unique and identifiable login. Caregivers simply enter unique key identifiers that are cross-referenced with data on file. Once authenticated, caregivers can quickly log in on desktop or their mobile device with the option for two-factor authentication (2FA) using biometric face or fingerprint recognition–all without staff assistance. Through the online portal or client-branded mobile app, caregivers can perform tasks on the patient’s behalf, with all actions logged and managed in your EHR/PM/RCM source system(s).

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Patient Portal Proxy Access Features

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Improve User Experience And Satisfaction

Proxy and family accounts are important for many patients, especially those with disabilities or family members in a caregiving role, but managing multiple user credentials is frustrating and can lock users out at inconvenient times. Give patients the option to allow trusted care partners to access their EHR in a safe, secure, and speedy way with biometric authentication.

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Protect Patient Privacy

Just as an elderly adult may not want their adult child to have full access to their patient portal, a teenager may need to keep parts of their medical record private. Bridge Portal solves this issue with a caregiver proxy access solution that allows patients to decide who has access to their portal’s information. Furthermore, filters can be added at the interface layer to control what information is accessible in the portal.

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Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Sharing login information between patients and care partners can breach HIPAA compliance standards for patient portal access. Additionally, it can result in patients being locked out of their account – at a time when they need it most.

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Age Of Majority

Ensure that you follow state-specific age of majority laws. Automatically unlink a parent or guardian’s access to a child’s proxy patient portal account according to state law.

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Make Registration Easy

Registering for a proxy account often requires caregivers to go in person to a hospital or clinic. Bridge Portal allows care partners to securely self-register online and be correctly authenticated without staff assistance.

A patient engagement platform for the future of healthcare

certified patient portal

Certified patient portal

Secure, 2015 Edition ONC certified, HIPAA compliant and mobile-ready patient portal software.

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Client-branded mobile app

Improve patient engagement with a published and branded mobile app available for both iOS and Android.

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Easy-to-use platform

A truly intuitive operating system to increase usage and patient satisfaction.

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All-in-one patient engagement solution

A single, comprehensive solution for all your patient engagement needs.

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Custom workflows enabled

We support unique requirements and complex workflows.

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Award-winning software

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