Why Accident and Injury Clinics Need an Attorney Portal

What is an attorney portal?

If your practice specializes in personal injury or automobile accidents, you will be familiar with sending and receiving documents to injury attorneys regarding a patient’s care. You may have a close working relationship with an injury attorney as patients you treat may have been referred to you by one.

Patients receive treatment from a series of medical providers, imaging specialists, and hospital facilities over the course of the patient journey. Online medical records are generated by these providers, which are shared with the attorney involved in the case, who would then use those records to build a personal injury case for that patient’s compensation claim. The severity of injuries is documented during the patient’s care. The attorney reviews those records to present information regarding the patient’s loss, pain, and suffering in court. Attorneys can also submit this information to the insurance company or individual for settlement.

An attorney portal is a digital solution in which a clinic specializing in personal injury/automobile accidents can share documentation regarding a patient’s care with a personal injury attorney. This portal allows users (i.e., medical clinic, patient, and attorney) to securely share information regarding the patient’s visit, such as Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan (SOAP) notes or laboratory/radiology results and associated charges.

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Benefits of an attorney portal

Using an attorney portal improves your practice’s workflows and communication by allowing you to share access to patient medical records online and manage appointments in real-time, rather than communicating and sending documents by email. The use of an attorney portal improves patient outcomes and compensation by ensuring an uninhibited flow of documentation between provider and attorney.

Severe injuries result in more care required and a consequent increase in cost to the patient. The financial value of the care received correlates to the overall value that an attorney can claim against the opposing party. In many personal injury cases, medical bill payment is dependent on the injured party winning their court case. It’s in the best interest of everyone involved that the attorney has all the information they require to build a solid case for their client.

Implementing an attorney portal can help build up the reputation of your clinic as an easy clinic for personal injury attorneys to work with. This results in an increase in attorney referrals, more patients, and an increase in revenue.

PrognoCIS™ is one of the few health IT solution vendors that provide an attorney portal. With the PrognoCIS™ Attorney Portal clinics, attorneys and patients can collaborate to ensure that the patient receives the best healthcare service possible.

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