Bridge Patient Portal 2.0 Product Updates

The Bridge Patient Portal development team is excited to announce the release of Bridge Patient Portal Version 2.0, healthcare’s leading enterprise patient engagement platform. Bridge Version 2.0 continues to expand on Bridge’s interface capabilities, patient self-service functionality, and patient engagement tools. Learn more about our updates and new features below.

New Native iOS and Android Mobile App

Bridge has now made it possible to access patient portal data and clinical features through its new client-branded mobile app. Patients are able to access medical records, schedule appointments, send/receive messages, pay their bills and more. This mobile app platform for healthcare is the first of its kind in the market thanks to the following functionality:

  • Published and branded to the provider group
  • Supports the addition of new, custom features tailored to the provider group
  • Full native support for iOS and Android devices
  • Support for multiple, concurrent interfaces
  • Integration to client’s website, patient education library and other systems

Mobile App Integration

Advanced Self-Scheduling

With Bridge Version 2.0 self-scheduling, provider groups can dramatically improve staff efficiency and patient satisfaction. It allows patients to schedule their own appointments without the assistance of a staff member. The interface supports real-time communication between Centricity™ Business and Bridge.


Expanded GE Centricity™ Interface Capability

Bridge offers GE Centricity™ Business (CB) and Centricity™ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) users a next-generation patient engagement solution, ideal for medium to large provider groups. With this latest release, Bridge is now the most robust and integrated patient portal and mobile app solution for GE Centricity™.

The bi-directional interface between Bridge and GE Centricity™ Business/EMR was built using HL7/CCD standards, GE Healthcare Objects (HCO), Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) and Bridge’s proprietary API. Patient features available for GE Centricity™ users include:

  • Bidirectional demographic sync and self-registration with KBA and two-factor authentication via IDology and SMS
  • Bidirectional secure messaging with providers and staff
  • Bidirectional appointment view, self-scheduling and appointment reminders
  • Bidirectional bill pay with payments posted into CB
  • Lab results
  • Clinical documents
  • View, transmit & download CCDs
  • Eye prescriptions view/print

Bridge is actively improving the interface it has with GE Centricity™ Business, Centricity™ EMR, Centricity™ Practice Solution (CPS) and affiliated products such as HCO, Qvera Interface Engine, TrustCommerce® Payment Gateway and IDology.

Special Permissions For Teenage Users

Supporting the sensitive needs and rules for pediatric accounts has always been a challenge for patient portals. Bridge Version 2.0 now supports special filters and rules which can be used to protect sensitive clinical information and appointment information for teenagers from parents/guardians.

Tasking Center

Patient portal admin users can now manage thousands of patient requests in a day from one central tasking module. Admin staff will be able to conveniently manage, delegate, and complete incoming patient requests – including billing, appointment requests, prescription refills, and more. Great for high volume provider groups!

Tasking Center

Two-Factor Authentication

To provide more self-service features to patients and reduce strain on staff, Bridge now offers users SMS-based two-factor authentication for patient registration and username/password resets.

Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA)

Bridge has partnered with IDology identity verification and fraud network to offer an additional layer of security and self-service functionality for patient-user authentication. Users can be asked to answer identity verification questions (Knowledge-Based Authentication) for self-service registration and username/password resets.

Eye Prescriptions

Patients can now view and print their eyeglasses and/or contact lens prescriptions in the patient portal.

Expanded API Functionality

Bridge has further expanded its already rich API functionality with its Version 2.0 release, supporting advanced REST API functionality, perfect for mobile apps or any other external applications built with modern technology. Provider groups can leverage Bridge’s API to build off of pre-built, traditional interfaces that Bridge has into EHR and RCM systems.

What’s Next?

The Bridge Patient Portal team continues to innovate and heavily invest in research and development with the goal of providing the most robust, patient-centric patient experience. Stay tuned for more feature releases, including new EHR interfaces and the development of new check-in, scheduling, telemedicine, and remote patient monitoring functionality.

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Blake Rodocker
Blake Rodocker

Director Of Business Development Blake joined Bridge Patient Portal in 2016 after transferring from our parent company, Medical Web Experts. With over 10 years of sales and management experience, Blake is a results-driven professional, passionate about driving collaboration with clients, partners, and internal teams. Throughout his time at Bridge Patient Portal, Blake has demonstrated his versatility and dedication by actively collaborating with various departments within the organization, streamlining processes, and optimizing efficiency. Blake studied business administration at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia, and completed a Health Information Curriculum and Training for Transformation (HICATT) program and GCP sales certification.