Bridge Launches its Innovative Patient Intake Solution

Dallas, TX – April 29, 2021 — Bridge has announced the launch of Bridge Intake: a patient intake solution that streamlines the patient check-in process.

With Bridge Intake, healthcare organizations can send patients an appointment reminder with a link to fill out forms and begin the intake process. Patients can then complete intake forms at any time between creating an appointment and the actual check-in. Patients can access the patient intake solution through a number of devices such as the patient’s smartphone, computer, or tablet, alternatively in-office through a kiosk or tablet. Bridge auto-populates intake forms with data found within the healthcare organization’s source systems using a bidirectional interface. Completed form data is sent back to the EHR or PM solution.

Bridge Intake features include:

  • New enrollment forms
  • Clinical history
  • Insurance and billing
  • Demographic information
  • Screeners
  • Agreement and consent forms

Bridge Intake also supports telehealth in which patients are directed to their online appointment once forms have been submitted. Bridge currently supports Zoom®, but Bridge Intake can easily integrate other telehealth solutions.

“Demand for modern intake and telehealth solutions that work together to create a simple and more intuitive experience for patients is at an all time high. But existing intake solutions fail to integrate with healthcare organizations’ back-end systems, or with the online workflows of telehealth solutions. Bridge Intake connects external systems with comprehensive patient engagement functionality, resulting in reduced paperwork, fewer manual errors, and less time spent by patients in the office,” said Bridge CEO John Deutsch.

Patients and providers can access the product through Bridge’s patient engagement platform, including their patient portal and native mobile app.

Bridge Intake is fully customizable and can meet your practice where it is. Bridge provides clients access to its forms engine, allowing admins to create custom, mobile-friendly forms using an easy drag and drop interface.

This latest feature showcases Bridge’s depth of functionality as a complete patient engagement platform. Our patient intake solution connects with many of the Bridge patient engagement platform’s features, such as patient self-scheduling software, patient appointment reminder solution, online medical record software, and online patient payment solution, facilitating a seamless patient experience with your healthcare organization.

About Bridge
Bridge is an enterprise patient portal and engagement solution that empowers patients with self-service tools to better manage their care. The Bridge Patient Portal platform is client-branded and ideal for health organizations seeking to replace their existing EHR portals or connect to disparate EHR environments with a single, vendor-neutral patient portal platform available on desktop, iOS, and Android. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Bridge has installations in many healthcare’s leading clinics, hospitals, and health systems nationwide. For more information, visit or call 800-467-2321.

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Clement Baptiste
Clement Baptiste

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