Benefits of Patient Self-Scheduling Software For Patients

Consumers have grown accustomed to booking appointments online for multiple industries, however, healthcare has lagged. Patients demand the same functionality when making an appointment with their healthcare providers. Online appointment scheduling software allows patients to book appointments, check availability, manage existing appointments, and receive reminders for their upcoming visits. When compared with booking appointments by phone or in-person, a patient self-scheduling software is more patient-centric and has been shown to improve patient health outcomes due to improved medical care access. Other benefits include a decrease in wait times and improved patient experience.

Decrease wait times

Long wait times impact service quality and are a significant source of dissatisfaction that affects healthcare outcomes and patient retention. A patient self-scheduling software requires minimal intervention of staff members and thus frees them up to assist patients within the practice, reducing wait times. Real-time patient self-scheduling software shortens the time between when the appointment is requested and when the medical service is fulfilled. Patients have access to a provider’s schedule in real-time and can book appointments based on up-to-date information.

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Improve patient satisfaction

Patient appointment scheduling apps help alleviate frustrating delays. Forcing patients to book appointments during office hours, which may likely coincide with their own working schedule, is limiting and often results in patients being put on hold. A real-time patient appointment scheduler allows users to make appointments, view appointment availability, manage appointments, and receive reminders for their upcoming appointments 24/7. A patient appointment scheduler also makes healthcare practitioners’ schedules more efficient, improving the quality of care provided to the patient. Staff members will no longer be tethered to the phone managing appointments, and are free to perform more patient-centered tasks that improve the patient experience overall.

Bridge Patient Portal offers a patient scheduling system that can be fully integrated into a healthcare organization’s EHR/PM/RCM, which results in one login for patient access to all features provided by these systems. If you’re considering a patient appointment scheduling app to bolster patient satisfaction and improve workflows, contact us today.

Michael McGinley
Michael McGinley

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