Bridge With Sunbit Offers Patient Financing Options

Bridge is excited to announce a new partnership with innovative fintech platform Sunbit to seamlessly integrate “buy now, pay over time” financing options directly into BridgeInteract, providing patients easy access to flexible payment solutions and reducing barriers to care.

Financing is a key part of Bridge’s mission to revolutionize the patient experience, empowering healthcare providers to deliver comprehensive and patient-centric care. The financial burden of healthcare can seriously impact lives. According to the annual Gallup Health and Healthcare poll, a record 38% of Americans reported that they or a family member had delayed medical care in 2022 due to the high cost. With the integration of Sunbit’s financing solutions, Bridge is taking a significant step forward in addressing the financial barriers patients often face when seeking essential healthcare services.

Healthcare organizations using BridgeInteract’s platform can now offer their patients access to Sunbit’s financing technology within the portal, eliminating the need for separate applications or time-consuming paperwork. This partnership aims to streamline the medical payment process and open new avenues for patients to receive care without worrying about financial constraints. Some healthcare organizations using Sunbit technology have experienced a 7% increase in revenue

“Fintech and digital banking have progressed by leaps and bounds in terms of digital transformation, consumer-friendliness, and accessibility, setting an example that the healthcare industry should follow,” said John Deutsch, CEO of Bridge. “Sunbit has a fantastic product that aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance the patient experience as a tech user, a consumer, and, most importantly, as a human being.”

Key benefits of the Bridge and Sunbit partnership include:

  • Enhanced Patient Access: Patients can easily access financing options throughout the BridgeInteract platform, making the process of securing financing seamless and user-friendly.
  • Financial Flexibility: Sunbit’s flexible financing solutions allow patients to choose accessible and personalized payment plans that suit their financial circumstances.
  • 0% APR Option: Sunbit is dedicated to offering approved patients access to a 0% APR financing option, helping reduce cost as a barrier to receiving necessary healthcare services.
  • High Approval Ratings: With a remarkable 90% approval rating, Sunbit ensures that most patients can benefit from their financing solutions, contributing to a more inclusive healthcare ecosystem.
  • Quick Payout Turnaround: Sunbit pays the healthcare organization the very next day, in full, minus a small processing fee. 

How it works

When patients open Bridge’s portal or intake solution and see their current balance, they can select ‘pay over time’ to access financing options powered by Sunbit technology. Using their phone number for verification and ID data (already populated by the portal), a loan can be secured in seconds, presenting patients with adjustable options for different payment plans. The days of long phone calls, stacks of bills, tedious waits, and stressful negotiations for healthcare payments can be consigned to history thanks to the new partnership between Bridge and Sunbit.

Bridge – Removing Barriers and Empowering Patients

By offering flexible financing options via Sunbit, Bridge can help your organization empower patients by encouraging them to prioritize their health, regardless of their financial situation. A win-win for providers and patients, this will drive improved health outcomes and higher levels of patient engagement and satisfaction. Providers will also benefit from greater revenue stability and a reduced administrative burden for their billing. To see how Bridge can help revolutionize your healthcare organization, book a demo or consultation for more information.

Loans are made by Transportation Alliance bank, Inc., dba TAB Bank, which determines qualifications for and terms of credit. 

Kortney Orueta
Kortney Orueta

Kortney Orueta (Director of Operations) With a strong background in business management, Kortney started as an office manager at Medical Web Experts in 2010. She rose through the ranks, taking on roles in HR, administration, and finance. She currently leads all finance-related initiatives at Bridge.