Applying a “Best of Breed” Approach to Your Healthcare Practice

With a thriving practice but no online appointment system, Dr. Rogu and his staff were seeking a way to simplify his patients healthcare experience. RBK Pediatrics is multi-provider, multi-location pediatrics practice whom leverage technology solutions for improved efficiency and patient access. “Our patients wanted online scheduling, [and] we had phones,” said Dr. George Rogu of Long Island-based pediatrics practice RBK Pediatrics in a recent interview with ViewPoint Magazine. “With the portal, our systems tap into the schedule, it goes to the portal, they can book their appointment online and we get it in the system.”

George Rogu MD – Tech Ops at RBK Pediatrics from Verden Group.

When implementing an EHR for his office, Dr. Rogu wasn’t only looking to satisfy a Meaningful Use requirement. He wanted a system that would really benefit his patients. He takes a “best of breed” approach – meaning that instead of choosing an all-in-one system containing an EHR, practice management system, patient portal, and scheduling capabilities, Dr. Rogu chose to instead research and select the best possible system for each component he wanted. Healthcare professionals who share Dr. Rogu’s mentality are pushing technology partners to deliver better solutions to their clients.

For his patient portal, Dr. Rogu chose Bridge Patient Portal, which integrates with any EHR or practice management system. Dr. Rogu says his patients love that they can schedule an appointment the moment they need it. He uses the example of a child waking up their parent at 3 am with an ear infection – parent can immediately open their laptop and schedule an appointment for 9 am. (As opposed to calling at 3 am, leaving a message, having his nurses call the patent back once they arrive at the office, and then finally being able to schedule an appointment for the afternoon). Using Bridge has allowed his office to become more efficient and in turn, provide better care and a better overall experience for his patients.

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Blake Rodocker
Blake Rodocker

Blake joined Bridge Patient Portal in 2016 after transferring from our parent company Medical Web Experts. Since then, he’s acted as Bridge’s Business Development Manager. Blake is passionate about driving collaboration with clients, partners, and internal teams to achieve performance goals and successful relationships.