Advanced Mobile mHealth App Platform Now Available for Bridge Customers

Bridge has partnered with Universe to provide an advanced mobile app platform.

Universe mHealth LLC has launched the first client-branded advanced mobile app platform for healthcare organizations—the Universe mHealth App Platform. The platform offers medium and large healthcare organizations a single iOS and Android mobile app to support all of their informational, clinical, and financial self-service tools. “With many large health organizations already accumulating multiple mobile apps in order to provide self-service tools to their patients, there’s an excellent opportunity to consolidate these apps into a single app, greatly improving the patient experience,” explains founder John Deutsch.

universe mhealth app screen

As a result of strict regulations, antiquated systems, and general lack of innovation, the healthcare industry has lagged in comparison to other industries—such as banking, transportation, and hospitality—in terms of its adoption of mobile app technology. Custom apps currently offered by major health systems feature incredibly low functionality considering their price tags of $500,000 to $1,000,000 and 1+ years of development time per app. Universe mHealth offers more functionality while being significantly less expensive and faster to implement.

The Universe mHealth App Platform comes with a series of pre-built features that health organizations may select from, while also adding their own custom features, developed by the Universe mHealth app development team.

Pre-built app features include:

  • Health summaries
  • Bill pay
  • Prescription refills
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Appointment reminders
  • Secure messaging with providers/staff
  • Lab results
  • Find a provider
  • Find a location
  • Urgent care wait times
  • News

Custom features may include custom variants of the above listed features or new, client-specific features such as:

  • Hospital campus wayfinder
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Video consultations
  • Intake forms
  • Web check-in

The platform’s architecture contains a series of core features designed for maximum security, HIPAA-compliance, and easy interface development. Multiple concurrent interfaces to a customer’s various data sources are supported both via API or traditional HL7, CSV, and XML interface standards. The platform was developed in REACT Native, an open source coding language started by Facebook, which allows Universe mHealth to be published in both iOS and Android, without the need to manage separate codebases. “The combination of the latest mobile app technology, an architecture developed specifically for healthcare, and a library of pre-built features, translates to dramatically lower costs and shorter development time for our customers,” explains John Deutsch. The platform is sold as an SaaS solution with a setup and monthly fee. The platform has already been fully implemented at Westmed Medical Group, integrating with four different client data sources simultaneously.

About Universe mHealth

Universe mHealth LLC was founded in 2017 as a collaboration between patient engagement technology leaders Bridge Patient Portal and Medical Web Experts. The platform enables healthcare organizations to publish their own, branded mobile app with a blend of custom features and pre-built features for health summaries, appointment scheduling, messaging, urgent care wait times, physician search, patient education, bill pay, and more. For more information about the Universe mHealth App Platform, please visit

Blake Rodocker
Blake Rodocker

Blake joined Bridge Patient Portal in 2016 after transferring from our parent company Medical Web Experts. Since then, he’s acted as Bridge’s Business Development Manager. Blake is passionate about driving collaboration with clients, partners, and internal teams to achieve performance goals and successful relationships.